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Thursday, June 25th 2020, Shade releases Better Light v. 1.2.1 for both iOS and Android. The update includes:

  • Improved light handling
  • Light dimming can now also be controlled from the app

Please follow the 4 easy steps below to upgrade your units.


Wednesday, May 27th 2020, Shade releases Better Light v. 1.2.0 for both iOS (127) and Android (161). This will impact the following:

  • New ØS1 and Node firmware

  • Improved individual ØS1 control

  • Node dimming and control improvements

  • Node to be an internal part of your Bluetooth Mesh

  • Performance and stability improvements

We will kindly notice that Android-users will need an iPhone to run the upgrade. After the upgrade is completed both ØS1 lamp and Shade Node will work as usual with an Android.  

On top of that, you will get brand new lighting moods designed by Øivind Slaatto.

For upgrade instructions we made a step by step video guide, which is available here:

How to get the new lighting moods designed by Øivind Slaatto:

Please be aware that if you want to add the new lighting moods to an existing group your own lighting moods will be deleted.

If you instead create a new group the new lighting moods by Øivind Slaatto will be your default lighting moods.


Setup video guide

ØS1 Pendant:

Can I connect the ØS1 Pendant to a regular power outlet?
No. The ØS1 Pendant needs to be installed with the provided cable and base, to secure correct power supply. It is very important to read the Installation Guide carefully before installing the ØS1 Pendant.

Should you by mistake connect the ØS1 Pendant directly to a regular power outlet, the module will be damaged. Such conduct will result in a void guarantee.

Can I install the ØS1 Pendant on a dimmer-switch?
No. If you connect the ØS1 Pendant to a power supply connected to a dimmer-switch, it will in worst case destroy your ØS1 Pendant. You can adjust the ØS1 Pendant’s light intensity with the Better Light App or the Shade Node.

ØS1 Table/Floor:

Do I need to use the power adapter included in the box?

Yes. The power adapter included in the box must be connected to the cable to secure correct functionality. For best performance avoid turning off the power to the adapter. 

ØS1 Wall:

Can I connect the ØS1 Wall lamp directly into a power outlet?
No. The ØS1 Wall lamp needs to be installed with the provided cable and wall base, to secure correct power supply. It is very important to read the Installation Guide carefully before installing the ØS1 Wall lamp.

Should you by mistake connect the ØS1 Wall lamp directly to a regular power outlet, the module will be damaged. Such conduct will result in a void guarantee.

Can I install the ØS1 Wall lamp on a dimmer-switch?
No. If you connect the ØS1 Wall lamp to a power supply connected to a dimmer-switch, it will in worst case destroy your ØS1 Wall lamp. You can adjust the ØS1 Wall lamp’s light intensity with the Better Light App or the Shade Node.

How to set up the ØS1 lamp?

After installing your ØS1 lamp, you can download the Better Light App and add your ØS1 lamp and Shade Node to the Better Light App. Now you will be able to create your own moods and utilize the moods using the Shade Node.

Get the Better Light App from App Store or Google Play.

For more info please watch this video guide.

Can the ØS1 and Shade Node be installed on more than one phone?

No. The ØS1 and Shade Node can only be installed on one phone. Once the devices are setup on the phone and you have created your 8 lighting moods the Shade Node is used to control the lamp in everyday life.

My ØS1 does not react to the Better Light App. What to do?

Check if you have installed the cable for the ØS1 correctly in the base. For the ØS1 Pendant the regular cable (which you provide), needs to be connected from the base to the power outlet. If the ØS1 is not connected to the right power supply, it will not be visible to the Better Light App. Please consult your Installation Guide.

If your ØS1 is visible in the Better Light app make sure that the connection is turned on to control the light.

Are you still experiencing issues with your ØS1 connection, please contact customer support:

My ØS1 does not react to the Shade Node. What to do?

To control your ØS1 make sure the Shade Node is installed in the same group as the ØS1 in the Better Light app. 

Check if the battery needs to be changed. 

Why use Bluetooth technology?
Using Bluetooth technology allows us to make a stand-alone product that will work straight out of the box. Regardless of whether you have Wi-Fi or not, regardless if your Wi-Fi is down or not. It secures your data and ensures you will always have light. 

You will need an Android smartphone with Bluetooth LE or an iPhone 5 or newer.


How do I get the Better Light App?

You can get the Better Light App for Android phones or iPhone 5 or newer. The Better Light App can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

We are frequently updating the Better Light App. Download the latest version to get the newest features. Do you experience issues with the Better Light App, please contact customer support:

When adding the ØS1 or Shade Node to the Better Light App, I’m told that they are already connected to a phone. What do I do?
An ØS1 lamp or Shade Node can only be added to one phone, unfortunately. To disconnect from a phone you need to reset the ØS1 or Shade Node to connect to another phone. 

This video guide shows how to reset the ØS1, Shade Node and the Better Light App. Do you experience issues with this procedure, please contact customer support:

My Better Light App will not connect to my ØS1. What to do?

If your Better Light App keeps trying to connect to your ØS1 close down the app and switch off Bluetooth on your phone. Turn on Bluetooth again and open the app to connect to your ØS1. You can also try to close down the Better Light App and unplug the ØS1 from the cable. Then put the ØS1 back on the cable and open the app to connect to your ØS1.

I have reinstalled my Better Light App. Do I need to reset my ØS1 and Shade Node also?

Yes, both ØS1 and Shade Node must be reset as well. Unfortunately, the devices can only be installed on one phone at a time. To install the devices in the Better Light App again the memory for the lamp and smart remote must be cleared. Follow our reset guide further down the page.


How do I control the ØS1 lamp with the Shade Node?
The Shade Node is a handy device perfect for everyday control of your ØS1 lamp. It has 3 features: 

  1. A simple click on the front of the Shade Node turns the ØS1 lamp on or off. 
  2. A twist of the Shade Node outer ring cycles through the predefined or customized moods you have created with the Better Light App. 
  3. With both at push and a twist at the same time you will be able to control the light intensity.

Can I add more than one Shade Node to an ØS1 lamp?

Yes, it is possible to add 2, 3, 4 or more Shade Nodes to control an ØS1 lamp. You must add all the Shade Nodes to the same group as the ØS1 in the Better Ligth App. Wait 5-10 seconds after adding each Shade Node before you start to control the ØS1 with the different Shade Nodes.

For example, you can place one Shade Node where you enter the kitchen and another Shade Node in the opposite end of the Kitchen.  

I have reset my Shade Node but the Better Light App tells me that the Node is already connected to a phone. What can I do?

Unfortunately, the Shade Node has not been reset correctly when the app shows this kind of message. Remember to use a nonconductive item to reset the device. The Shade Node will flash a red light 5 times when the reset button has been pushed correctly. Afterwards you are able to search for the Shade Node in the Better Light App.

How do I change the battery in my Shade Node?
If you need to change the battery in the Shade Node, remove the battery cover and replace the battery with a CR 2032 Lithium battery.


Before you start to control your Shade ØS1 with the Better Light App make sure that the connection between the devices are turned on. In the upper right corner of the Better Light frontpage the icon must be orange.

Can I control more than one ØS1 lamp as a unit?

Yes. If you want to control 2, 3, 4 or more lamps together as one unit you must add all the ØS lamps to the same group in the Better Ligth App. Afterwards you can turn the lamps on/off at the same time and create new light settings for the group.

How do I create a new group?

If you have more than one Shade ØS1 lamp and want to control them individually you must add the lamps to its own group. You can create a new group from the Better Light frontpage by clicking on + in the grey square. Choose a name for the group and one of the predefined icons. Now you can add an ØS1 lamp and Shade Node to the new group.

Can I rename my ØS1 or Shade Node?

Yes. When each device is added to a group it is shown by a blue icon. By clicking on the > in the right side of the device's icon, you can enter a new name for the ØS1 lamp or Shade Node.

How do I delete my ØS1 or Shade Node from the Better Light App?

You can delete a ØS1 or Shade Node from frontpage of the Better Light App. By clicking on the > in the right side of the device's icon, you can press the button “Remove this ØS1/Node”. Please remember to reset your ØS1/Shade Node after deleting the device from the app, otherwise you cannot connect the ØS1/Shade Node to the Better Light App again.

How do I change my favorite moods?

In the Better Light App we have predefined 8 favorite mood settings, which you can switch between with the Shade Node. For you to change one or more of the predefined mood settings fold down the menu called “Configure group moods” at the Better Light frontpage. Now you can drag each mood back and forth between the favorite line and the grey box.

Does the ØS1 always turn on in the same mood setting?
No. The ØS1 lamp will remember your latest mood setting when turning off the light and start up like that, when you turn on the light again with the Shade Node or the Better Light App.


How do I reset my ØS1?

There are two methods to reset your ØS1 devices. 

Method 1: Use the physical reset button on the ØS1 light module:

Reset the ØS1 – step 1/2

Make sure that the ØS1 is powered on.

Looking at the ØS1 from top you will find a small hole.

Reset the ØS1 – step 2/2

Use a paper clip or something similar to access the button hidden beneath the hole.

IMPORTANT!: Do only push the button briefly. Do not hold down the button.

When you feel a click, let go and the middle zone of the ØS1 will turn blue. Now the ØS1 is reset.

Repeat this with all your ØS1s.

Method 2: Use your regular wall switch to reset your ØS1 device

  • Make sure your lamp is turned on.
  • Turn your lamp off and on 5 times. It is important the the lamp is completely turned off and on before turning it on/off again, otherwise the reset won’t complete.
  • When the ØS1 has been turned on for the fifth time wait up to 10 seconds and the middle zone of the lamp will turn blue. This indicates that the ØS1 is reset.

For further instructions please see this video tutorial.


How do I reset my Shade Node?

Reset Shade Node - 1/2

Open the battery case, very gently.

There is a button located next to the battery.


Reset Shade Node - 2/2

Push the button, with a thin, nonconductive item, a toothpick for instance.

When pushing the button, you will feel and hear a subtle click and a red light will flash five times. The Node is now reset.

Now go back to the app and carefully follow in-app guide...

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About us


In 2015, Shade was founded to challenge the way we use and interact with light. To achieve that, Shade established a tight collaboration with designer Øivind Slaatto to continuously develop the ØS1 smart lamp series, which combine cutting edge technology with Scandinavian design.


We believe that design must be able to improve life to justify its existence.

Light is important. Like food, friends and family we should not take light for granted. If we invest ourselves and give the lighting in our homes the right attention, making sure it is fulfilling our needs, it will give you so much everyday joy and quality in return.

In the morning while enjoying your first cup of coffee, you want a warm and gentle light for waking up. When you sit down to do your paperwork in the evening you need a bit brighter and cooler light, to focus properly. You need a clear light to present the food you have cooked for friends and family, but still soft enough to set a cosy atmosphere. When you’re ready to go to bed you want that soft and warm light again to calm down your body and mind: Better Light - Better Living.


Light is not only light. It is filled with variations, shadows, and colors that give us energy and tranquillity. But to really experience it we need to be aware and look at the light in a completely different way and grasp the opportunities it gives us.

In a strong association of knowledge about the possibilities and significance of light, the ØS1 gives you a light based on the life-giving light. ØS1 is based on the basic philosophy of creating light that gives you the light you need. It’s about using the opportunities and utilizing the knowledge about the light needed to create a light that creates a good framework for you.

That is precisely why your way of using the light, your understanding of light and the spaces you create with the light are essential to your well-being. In other words, you need light that is more than just light. It must be a light that gives you the opportunity to create the variations, thus giving you the opportunity for the good life where light meets your needs at all times of the day.

             - Øivind Slaatto, Designer

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