ØS1 Floor lamp

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Shade ØS1 is based on a basic philosophy: Provide the user with the ability to create the lighting that the user needs - whether it be functional or mood lighting.


With the ØS1, you have a smart lamp that is completely dynamic. You can adjust the light intensity, temperature, direction, colour and thereby create personalized settings that are adapted to individual needs and in relation to how the natural light changes during the day.


The lamp is designed by the award-winning Danish designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto. In close collaboration Shade and Slaatto have achieved to combine Nordic design tradition with cutting edge technology, to push the boundaries of what we can gain with indoor lighting.


Thus, Shade ØS1 is not just a design object. It includes high-quality white adjustable top and bottom LEDs delivering 2700-5600 Kelvin, as well as full RGB spectrum in the middle light zone. All three lighting zones can be adjusted individually. In addition, the lamp provides up to 600 lumen and scores 95 on the Color Rendering Index (CRI).


Shade Node is an integral part of the Shade ØS1 lighting solution. This smart switch is not your regular on/off/dimmer. With the Shade Better Light-app, you can program the Shade Pendant ØS1 with up to 8 fixed settings, which you can easily switch between with a single turn on Shade Nodes outer ring.


The Better Light app is available for both iOS and Android.

More Information
Dimensions Module: W 130mm / H 43mm
Accessibility Better light app, IOS and Android. Shade Node
Box Dimensions Base: 1000mm Cord length: 2000mm H 780mm / W 1211mm / D 243mm
LED 2700K-5600K adjustable high-quality white LEDs top & bottom. Full RGB spectrum high-quality white LEDs.
Light Quality Light intensity: 600 lumen CRI 95+
Power consumption Light intensity is equivalent to: 40W (incandescent light source) Color Rendering Index (CRI): min. 95 Max. 9W
Functions Dimmer, Color change , Directional lighting
Material Polycarbonate specially formulated for diffusion properties. Surface treated, polished brass that maximizes heat output.
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ØS1 is based on the basic philosophy of creating light that gives you the light you need. It’s about using the opportunities and utilizing the knowledge about the light needed to create a light that creates the good framework for you.

Øivind Slaatto, Designer





Take control with the Shade Node smart switch and the Better Light App